• Official Trailer
    How would you react when tragedy strikes? Would your faith in an all loving God waver? Would you turn your back on the Lord?
  • Stephen and Alex Kendrick Share their Thoughts
    Writers of Fireproof, Facing the Giants and the upcoming movie Courageous share their experience with the Jasper family.
  • Counsel from Dr. James Dobson
    Why do bad things happen to good people? Dealing with guilt, and encouraging someone walking through tragedy.
  • The Question: Why
    A remarkable young man and his short life of five years was part of a bigger plan belonging to God.
  • School Principal Shares with Students
    Flame On - two words that have saturated the hearts and minds of an Alabama high school.
  • Tragedy and Disruptive Moments
    Dr. David Jeremiah speaks about tragedy and disruptive moments.
  • Mighty Wave Music Video
    Sarah Reeves sings about how the Lord will wipe away our tears in a song she wrote that ministered to the Jaspers. They share about pouring out their tears to God and a new perspective on heaven.
  • Lives of Students Changed at Camp
    Hear campers whose lives have been changed through this tragedy.
  • Comforting a Friend
    JJ and Melanie reflect on the great support they received from their family and friends.
  • Tim Clinton on Loss
    Tim Clinton, President of American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC), talks about the journey of loss.
  • When Life Gets Broken
    Scriptures of comfort for those who are hurting and a song by Michael OBrien.