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    Mississippi Television Station WCBI Airs Flame On Story

    Family Shares Tragedy, Hope Through DVD Project

    by Allie Martin (WCBI.com) | March 08, 2011 / 10:35pm | Local News, Faith & Family

    TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI) - Cooper Jasper was five years old that July day in 2009 when he and his Dad, JJ, were at the family home, riding a dune buggy.

    JJ was driving, and Cooper told his Dad to "flame on," a sort of code word between father and son, which meant to go full throttle.   The next instant, JJ experienced a parent's worst nightmare, as the go kart wrecked and a carefree time turned to tragedy.

    "Immediately after the accident, when I unbuckled Cooper, and held him in my arms, there's not a class or book on this planet that prepares you to have your five year old son die in your arms," JJ said.

    JJ Jasper is known to many as a longtime morning DJ for  American Family Radio.  Shortly after the accident American Family Media approached JJ and his wife Melanie.

    "They said you haven't turned to drugs or alcohol. You are still going to church, your marriage is intact, you are not angry at God, and that's rare to go through something of this magnitude and still be standing,"  JJ said. " They said we want your story to be told to give people hope."

    The finished project is called "Flame On," a 40 minute DVD that tells the Jaspers' story, and also explains how they are coping in the midst of extreme loss.

    The Jaspers invited us into their home, where their four daughters, and a  friend were hanging out on a rainy Saturday.

    Music is a big part of family time, and JJ and Melanie say times like  these are vital in a healing process that will never be complete in this  lifetime.

    "There's a quote by Corrie Ten Boom," Melanie said, "'There's no pit so deep that God's grace isn't deeper still.'  That is so true, and I think you said something in the video that He is there at the bottom of the pit, and God loves us.  He's a good God."

    "It's still a process, we're still, it's a journey, this is new to us, we're trying to heal from this, and you can only make it through Jesus Christ," JJ said. "Someone said at the graveside service, this is not a wound that is going to heal.  People with good intentions, say, time heals all wounds. That's not true.  You'll never get over it. When you lose a loved one you care deeply about, you'll never get over it, but you will get through it."

    "Flame On" is being given away by American Family Media for the cost of shipping and handling.   For more information or to order the DVD, go to www.flameon.net.


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